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Hotel Amenities and Toiletries Made in Turkey

Hotel Amenities made in turkey

Looking for hotel amenities and toiletries manufacturers in Turkey? Hotel Furniture Concept is an experienced hotel amenities and toiletries supplier and pleased to offer you our extensive selection of custom amenities and toiletries which we manufacture in Turkey. Hotel Furniture Concept distributes mainly to the hospitality industry all over the world.
Our corporate office furniture are offered in a variety of styles, finishes and hardware options to meet your exact needs. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our case goods and our dedication to quality will guarantee you are purchasing the most durable contract furnishings available. Hotel Furniture concept offers you Turkish Office furniture factory price.

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Hotel Toiletries and Amenities Made in Turkey

Toiletries and amenities are essential in improving the reputation of hotels. Consequently, high-quality amenities and toiletries should be available in hotels and made with the finest of materials to improve the experience of guests. These materials should be usable, durable, and capable of satisfying the needs of hotel guests. This satisfaction can serve as a promotional tool for hotels and boost customer retention and base.

Some basic toiletries and amenities hotels should have are;

Hairdryers, towels, soap, Wi-Fi, swimming pools, elevators, golf courses, car park services, pillows, personal kits, and varying food options, sit-outs, shoe polish, vanity kits, and sewing kits.

Hotel toiletries and amenities made in Turkey are comfortable items that are generically disposable and can improve a guest’s stay. These materials should be packaged in an appealing way for use. Some categories of hotel toiletries and amenities made in Turkey are;

  • Ancillary and Personal Care Products
  • Hotel Slippers
  • Bathroom Amenities and Cosmetic Products
  • Hotel Hair Cleanser
  • Hotel Soap


Ancillary and Personal Care Products

Ancillary and personal care products such as dental kits, shoe polish, shaving kits, shower caps, wipes, bottle openers, pen and pencils, toothbrushes, matchboxes, and nail files are essential. These products should be placed for easy use and retrieval.

Bathroom Amenities and Cosmetic Products

Basic items such as hotel soap, body lotion, hair shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel should be made available. The fragrance of these products should be relaxing, refreshing, healthy for use, of high quality, and full of varieties to enable guests to choose what suits them. This variety will create a feeling of relaxation and can prolong their stay.

Hotel Slippers

Guests would feel more appreciated if given an array of hotel slippers to choose from. These slippers should not only vary in size but should differ in finishing, size, style, shape, and material options. It could be woven, fluffy, embroidered, open toe or closed, velvet or towel slippers.

Hotel Hair Cleanser

Hair cleansing packaging is part of the basic toiletries in hotels. Hotel toiletries and amenities made in Turkey are available in a variety of colors, fragrances, and packages to make guests feel special. These cleansers should not cause irritations to the scalp of the users.

Hotel Soap

Soaps in hotels should feature extensive selections for guests. Hotel toiletries and amenities are manufactured with friendly ingredients, contain herbal extracts to promote healthy use for guests and feature different packaging styles. The shapes make the products appealing for use.


Hotels should aim to improve the experience of guests with hotel toiletries and amenities made in Turkey. These materials are made with highly certified materials with specific purposes to satisfy guests, improve guest retention, build a better brand/reputation, and increase customer base. They are packaged in a variety of colors and patterns, convenient to use, and durable. From these products, guests have opportunities to choose the products of their choice. These products are easily customizable by buyers and are available for distribution to hotels all over the world.

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