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Hotel Soap Made In Turkey

hotel soap

Looking for hotel soap manufacturers in Turkey? Hotel Furniture Concept is an experienced eco friendly hotel soap supplier in Istanbul and pleased to offer you our extensive selection of custom hotel soap bars which we manufacture in Turkey. Hotel Furniture Concept distributes mainly to the hospitality industry all over the world.


We have a wide selection for the very best  unique or custom design adorable bar soaps with factory prices. We use only high quality certified materials. We can also manufacture eco friendly and natural 100% olive oil soaps on special demand for vegan and nature lovers. Our soaps can be enriched with a selection of natural herbal extracts such as daphne, lavender, cinnamon, thyme, olive, pomegranate, apple orange and also goat’s milk and honey.  This variety of fragrances will stimulate your hotel guests senses, helping to create a more relaxed feeling. We have various packaging styles: mold or hand cut, cardboard box, pleated cellophane wrapped, aluminum sachet, stretch pack and natural cardboard. 

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