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HFC - Hotel furniture factory Turkey

Hotel Furniture Concept is a leading manufacturer and distributor of hotel furniture, casegoods, upholstered and non upholstered seating, lighting, hospitality bed & window coverings and institutional linens. We distribute a variety of items for all departments of hospitality industry from housekeeping to F&B. Over the years we have evolved into a full FF&E establishment dedicated to serving the hotel & restaurant industry.

With more than 30 years experience we combine latest technology machinery and high workmanship skills in our furniture factory based in Canakkale covering  5.000m2 with 1.000m2 warehouse area.  We use CNC machines for  flawless cutting accuracy and excellence at intricate designs.

Our Advantages

✓ Direct Factory Price

✓ +30 Years Furniture Experience

✓ Fast Delivery Time

✓ One Stop Solution

Certified Material

✓ Strict Quality Control

Product lines

Our main product lines are as below;

–  Hotel guest room furniture

–  Public area furniture

–  Restaurant furniture

–  Event&banquet furniture

–  Doors

–  Commercial Office furniture

–  Outdoor furniture

Additionally we supply various product lines to our customers such as;

–  Shading and Pergola systems,

–  SPA, Welness and Pools,

–  Signage and Wayfindgs,

–  Textile and drapery

–  Bedding

–  Carpet

–  Room lighting

–  Artwork and accesories

What makes us different than other Hotel Furniture Factory?

⦁ Hospitality furniture manufactured in Turkey = High workman skills & Competitive prices

⦁ >We are specialist in Contract Hotel Furniture

⦁ Ease of communication

⦁ Strong logistics & Project Management

⦁ Value engineering

Design Consultation

If you have a specific design in your mind we can help you to make it real. From design to manufacture we take your initial concept and create a bespoke piece as per your specification. You can either send us your customized designed furniture layout or asking us for a design service. 

CAD & Mock-up Production

When all the details of a product have been approved, then our design team creates all shop drawings that are necessary to start the production. These drawings are then transferred to our manufacturing department who are in charge of creating the first proto-type / mock-up. Working hand by hand, these two teams proceed to the adjustments requested by the client and update all the data until it goes to perfection for final production line.

HFC is a hotel furniture manufacturer company based in Turkey. Please check our extensive range of our services and products. As an important step in hotel furniture contract business, we produce sample hotel rooms. We have +30 years furniture manufacturing experience. Have a look at some of our recent references.. You can find lots of articles in our blog about our experiences and services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions..

Hotel Furniture Factory Turkey

Hotel furniture factory Turkey is a furniture-making factory based in Turkey that provides the furniture production needs of users in the hospitality industry. These are manufacturing and distribution companies that specialize in the production of doors, chairs, beds, and outdoor furniture.

There are various hotel furniture factories in Turkey, here, we shall consider a leading example in Turkish furniture making; the Hotel Furniture Concept

The Hotel Furniture Concept (HFC) is a leading manufacturing and distribution company based in Turkey. HFC was established in the early 1990s  to provide services for the hotel and restaurant industry. The company manufactures and provides exotic furniture such as doors, upholstered and non-upholstered seating, hotel guest room furniture, outdoor furniture, event and banquet furniture, and restaurant furniture. Additionally, it also produces window coverings, lighting, and case goods,

Why Choose Hotel Furniture Concept

Hotel Furniture Concept offers a wide variety of services to its customers. It also offers a variety of options for every kind of furniture a customer needs. Customization, as well as consultancy services, are also offered to hotel and restaurant managers to cater to their needs. Hotel Furniture Concept also offers the following;

  • Quality material used in production

Hotel Furniture Concept ensures quality delivery ranging from the materials used to the style of production. Furniture from HFC is durable resulting from the high-quality material used in production. The furniture ensures that maximum comfort is guaranteed and the exotic taste of the customer is achieved.

  • Wealth of experience

Hotel Furniture Concept has over 30 years of experience in the furniture-making business. The team of manufacturers are seasoned experts and possess the right knowledge and skills to produce high-quality and detailed pieces of furniture with a high rate of accuracy.  This wide range of experience gives a better edge relating to the right components, material types, styles, and finishings that would suit the need of the customer

  • On-time delivery to customer orders

The logistics team ensures that all deliveries are sent out in time to the right customers. This eliminates any form of construction delay.


  • Affordable pricing

The competitive and factory furniture pricing method is adopted here. Notwithstanding the price, high-quality products are also ensured. Customers can buy furniture at the factory price to reduce costs.

  • High level of engineering method application

The engineering and technological application is high. The company used CNC machines to ensure accurate and detailed production of the furniture. Combined with the skill, knowledge, and engineering machinery employed, an excellent design is achievable.

  • High logistics and project management

The consultancy and project management team is made up of seasoned professionals that ensure the proper management of projects to ensure that the needs of the customer are met. The project manager also ensures a consistent supply of materials to ensure the timely completion of the project. Design consultation, as well as mock-up productions, can be carried out by the production team.



Hotel furniture factory Turkey provides realistic, high-quality, and durable furniture for its customers. These furniture guarantee comfort and are made from seasoned manufacturers that ensured that the customer needs are met and the satisfaction of the guest is assured.

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