Hotel Guest Room Furniture Made In Turkey

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At Hotel Furniture Concept, we pride ourselves on providing hotel guests with high-quality, comfortable hotel guest room furniture to make them feel right at home. We offer a diverse collection of furniture, including beds, headboards, nightstands, media chests, desks, mirrors, and more. Our motel furniture collections are designed to meet your guests’ needs, ensuring they have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Not only do we offer the widest selection of hotel furniture at unbeatable prices, but our guest room accessories create the perfect ambiance for your guests. If you’re looking for hotel guest room furniture manufacturers in Turkey, we manufacture custom hotel furniture to fit your exact needs and specifications. Our case goods come in a variety of styles, finishes, and hardware options made with only the finest materials for the most durable furnishings.

Our hospitality case goods are offered in a variety of styles, finishes and hardware options to meet your exact needs. Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our case goods and our dedication to quality will guarantee you are purchasing the most durable contract furnishings available. Hotel Furniture concept offers you Turkish furniture factory price.

Hotel Guest Room Furniture Products

hotel guest room desk made in turkey

Guest Room Desk

hotel guest room bedhead made in turkey

Guest Room Headboard Bedhead

hotel guest room luggage rack made in turkey

Guest Room Luggage Rack

hotel guest room tv unit made in turkey

Guest Room Media Console / TV Unit

hotel guest room nightstand made in turkey

Guest Room Nightstand

hotel guest room bathroom cupboard made in Turkey

Guest Room Bathroom Cupboard


Technical Specifications For Hotel Guest Room Furniture

Hotel furniture counter-top options;  

  • A wide range of natural stones such as marble and granite are available 
  • Heat and stain resistant engineered Stone counter tops for hotel furniture are preferred functionally
  • Acrylic stone kitchen work-top
hotel furniture counter tops made in Turkey
hotel furniture mdf plywood made in Turkey

Hotel furniture body material varieties:

  • Mdf
  • (hotel furniture mdf plywood chipboard.jpeg)
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Solid wood

Hotel furniture finishing varieties:

  • Natural veneered hotel furniture: oak veneered, wallnut veneered, teak veneered, mahogany veneered, beech veneered, cherry veneered, bamboo veneered
  • Laminated hotel furniture, variety of laminatation selections are widely available
  • Lacqueered finishings are available upon any RAL code selection.
  • MDF-Lam is a durable and budget friendly selection for hotel furniture
hotel furniture natural veneer selection made in Turkey
hotel furniture hardware made in Turkey

Hotel furniture hardware selections:    


  • Hotel furniture hinge, telescopic drawers, soft closing drawers, locks, handle
  • Hotel door electronic key card mechanism
  • Hotel door closing mechanism, door peephole, door chain-lock system

Hotel furniture upholstery selections:

  • Wide range of upholstery selection is available from velvet to patterned versions
  • Fire retardant upholsteries for hotel furniture are available,
hotel furniture fabric chart made in Turkey
hotel furniture leg made in Turkey

Hotel furniture leg variations   

  • Stainless steel leg
  • Electro static iron leg
  • Wooden legs
  • Different design of legs are available

Furniture Products Categories

Other Products Categories

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Hotel Guest Room Furniture Made in Turkey

Decorating a guest room requires you to pick out all the furniture best fit for the room and the visitors. To do this efficiently, you must understand that the comfort of the guest is your topmost priority. Apart from comfort, you should also consider quality, easy usage and beauty when choosing guest room furniture.

That being said, there are several hotel guest room furniture manufactured in Turkey ranging from room desk, bed, luggage rack to bathroom cupboard, chest of drawers and nightstand. All these are made of the finest materials in a variety of finishes, styles and hardware options.

Basic and Essential Guest Room Furniture

Of all hotel guest room furniture made in Turkey, the most important ones include a comfortable bed, luggage rack, a chest of drawers, a comfy chair and of course, a media console/TV unit.

Comfortable bed

A guest room is entirely incomplete without a place to sleep. Sleeping in a new environment is already hard, but it would be more difficult with an uncomfortable bed and mattress. Therefore, one of the best things you can provide your guest is a good and comfy place to rest. Ensure to dress the bed with fresh and soft pillows with neatly laid bed linen.

Luggage rack

Suitcases are not to be placed on the bed. Hence, the need for a luggage rack. This will help guests to unpack and pack with ease without covering the bed linens with dirt. There are different types of luggage racks. We have the wooden and metal racks and the foldable ones as well. This piece of furniture can serve different purposes, the major one which is for packing and unpacking. It can also be used to store frequently used items.

A chest of drawers

Every guest is hoping to have some storage space in their rooms. Whether they are staying for a few days or weeks, a place to conveniently drop small and personal belongings like car keys, wallets, wristwatches and the likes would be much appreciated. It doesn’t have to be so much, two to three drawers are just enough and the top of the chest would also be useful. With drawers, guests do not have to pull out some personal items they use often from bags and suitcases.

A comfy chair

Not all guests prefer sitting on the bed. Some would rather sit on a chair when they want to read or just relax. So, this option should be provided in a hotel guest room for such visitors. A comfortable chair, preferably an armchair is a must-have piece of furniture in hotel rooms and it is one of the hotel guest room furniture made in Turkey.


Hotel guest room nightstand manufactured in Turkey are made of different materials including plywood, chop wood, chipboard and Mdf. A nightstand, otherwise called a bedside table is one of the pieces of furniture needed in a guest room. On the nightstand, you can place a lamp or an alarm clock for your guests. Also, this furniture provides a place for guests to simply drop items they might need at night or while on the bed like a bottle of water, lamp, book or eyeglasses.

How is HFC’s approach?

Outfitting a guest room with trendy furniture is a decent method to make sure that your guests will love their visit to your hotel. Having inviting and agreeable furnishings and style will have a significant effect on your guest experiences! 

Hotel Furniture Concept is outstanding amongst other providers and hotel guest room furniture manufacturers in Turkey. Explore our scope of custom and bespoke guest room furniture ideal for any hotel. With an assortment of hotel furniture designs, materials, and completions, the decision is yours.  

Our uniquely finished hotel guest room furniture are accessible in a scope of styles to suit any interior design plot. 

Regardless of whether it’s a boutique hotel room, city hotel or a resort you’re purchasing for, we   can assist you with picking the best hotel guest room furniture for you. Locate the correct extravagance guest room design for your enterprise today. 

Custom Hotel Furniture Style

Our hotel guestroom furniture are accessible in a variety of styles and finishes, giving you tremendous measures of decision for your hotel bedrooms stylistic theme. They range from the conventional and smooth to the edgier and present day, which means you’re ensured to discover specially designed furniture to meet your prerequisites. So whatever you have as a main priority, our choice of custom made hotel furniture can be customized to meet the design needs of your current rooms.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for reasonableness or extravagance, there are custom hotel room furniture designs to assist you with accomplishing the ideal design of your rooms. Modify your hotel furniture as per your style, so they relate to thoughts of your own. 

Utilizing our broad scopes of textures and specifying, tailor our custom furniture with a material of your decision or adorn with profound securing or exceptional stud subtleties. Whateve r your inclinations, you’ll locate a great scope of custom hotel furniture to look over to have an enduring impression on your guests.

Our group of furniture experts invests wholeheartedly in working with you to design and produce custom hotel room furniture that are remarkable to your hotel. Regardless of your style, we have the ideal contract furniture for your brand. 

Bespoke Hotel Furniture Ideas

Just as our standard alternatives, we also offer bespoke headboards, making really one-of-a-kind contract furniture dependent on your individual furniture necessities. On the off chance that you have your heart set on a hotel furniture plan that isn’t accessible, our bespoke hotel furniture designers can help. Our group of specialists can take your ideal measuring, upholstery, and textures to deliver bespoke furniture to suit your particular prerequisites.  

Bespoke hotel furniture from Hotel Furniture Concept are planned, created, and fabricated without any delay. Our talented furniture specialists work with you to rejuvenate your distinctive hotel furniture. Your bed will turn into a bounty of solace with bespoke furniture that are made by HFC, however, planned by you for a reasonable price. Because HFC is produly giving you the direct manufacturer price from Turkey.

Here are the four central points that we consider while choosing the items that we sell in our index:     



At Hotel Furniture Concept, our motto is, “Furniture that Works,” so we comprehend the significance of equipping your hotel guest room with furnishings that help you live beneficially and serenely consistently. To accomplish this, we take each hotel guest’s room furniture into thought while choosing the items that we need to offer.  



Hotel guest room furniture isn’t something that you purchase regularly, so when you do get it, you’ll need it to last. That is the reason we put forth an admirable attempt to choose decorations that are of solid quality. It’s additionally why we are one of the top hotel guest room furniture manufacturers guaranteeing that the creation cycle and the bundling interaction are up to our exclusive standards. 



Sometimes the style of the furniture or décor can construct or break it. After all, if it doesn’t coordinate the other of your hotel guests room, it just will not be looking good. Since everybody has a different individual style, we make a solid effort to discover furniture that can fulfill any and every taste, regardless of whether it implies adding a completely new plan to our item selection.  



From a single guest room to a large hotel with hundreds of guest rooms, everybody loves a decent value. We decide to offer budget-friendly hotel guest room furniture to our clients since we need to furnish an amazing extent of styles with predominant quality that also meets an alluring price point

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