Cushion Care; Maintaining Hotel Furniture Cushion Upholstery

hotel furniture cushion upholstery

The importance of the care of hotel cushions cannot be overemphasized. The pillows need regular maintenance practices to improve guests’ comfort, longevity, and beauty and reduce the cost of maintaining and replacing the furniture. However, certain procedures should or should not be adopted when cleaning the cushions. Consider these methods to care for hotel furniture […]

Leather Furniture Care; Maintaining Your Hotel Furniture

leather furniture

The proper maintenance of furniture is paramount to ensure its durable use. Consistent use of furniture without appropriate care can diminish the natural properties of the furniture and cause it to dry out. Furnishings, especially leather, need proper care to prevent cracking and ensure it last long. Cleaning out the furniture would make the leather […]

Ten Tips for Hotel Lobby Design

lobby furniture made in turkey 34

The design of hotel lobbies has been continuously undergoing a continuous evolution over the past years. It is only wise they adopt this emerging trend to meet and even exceed the expectations of the different kinds of guests. A proper arrangement of the hotel lobby is a suitable opportunity to create a distinctive feeling and […]

Starland Hotel Cameroon

Starland Hotel is a new hotel project located in the prestigious Bastos area of ​​Yaoundé city, with another branch in Douala. The hotel is remodeled by Hotel Furniture Concept, a prestigious hotel furniture company, which’s proud to announce that the Starland Hotel in Yaounde has been activated successfully. Hotel Furniture Concept has manufactured, installed, and […]

Hotel Furniture Turkey

hotel furniture turkey

Do you want to choose your hotel furniture in the most perfect way with Hotel furniture Turkey? With our company operating as an expert in the field of Hotel furniture in Turkey, you are at the right place to have the most suitable furniture for your hotel. Hotels are one of the preferred places for […]

The Best Hotel Furniture Suppliers

hotel furniture suppliers

What are the most ideal options for hotel furniture suppliers? You can choose suppliers in Turkey for quality, affordable price, and much more. Be prepared to respond to your needs in the best way with the understanding that comfort is at the forefront! While hotel furniture is important in many ways, it is important for […]

Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in Turkey

hotel furniture manufacturers in turkey

Hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey aim to meet the furniture needs of hotels. The success of the furniture sector in Turkey and the quality of raw material procurement processes open the door to excellent services in the field of hotel furniture. In addition to all these advantages, due to the fact that Turkey is a […]

Four Mistakes While Buying a Restaurant Furniture in Turkey 2021

four mistakes while buying a restaurant furniture

Have you ever spent hours fussing over the missing links in your restaurant furniture? If you have, you can attest that there are many things you always overlook when it comes to buying furniture, including restaurant chair produced in turkey, and other varieties like wooden chairs made in turkey. Since furniture can affect how customers […]

Selecting Booth and Sofa Seating Made in Turkey

selecting booth and sofa seating

After selecting a suitable restaurant booth and sofa seating  made in Turkey, the next series of decisions you will be making centres on appropriately setting the right booth and sofa seating. Usually, there are various factors you will consider. First, you have to take account of the kind of services you offer. Also, you must […]

10 Restaurant And Cafe Furniture Ideas From Turkey

restaurant and cafe furniture

Furniture designs are one of the best ways to satisfy and impress customers. The seating arrangement plan helps to complements guest relaxation and good furniture improves the concentration of guests on the food or drink. Asides from comfort, restaurant and cafe furniture should be easy to clean, colorfast, and stain-resistant. The furniture should withstand wear […]