How to choose headboards for your hotel

How to choose headboards for your hotel

The right headboard may be as beautiful and elegant as those that would be seen in a luxury suite in a posh hotel, providing excitement with their grandeur and frame. You can even choose to take the pragmatic and useful path, with room-saving, cutting-edge designs. The ideal headboard, which can be found in a variety of sizes and forms, can also help create the ideal centerpiece in a hotel room. In this article, we explain the how to choose headboards for your hotel.


  1. Working effectively within your budget.

This is the first step in choosing a headboard design. The headboard should always feel thoughtful and seem as trendy as possible, despite the amount of budget your hotel is working with, as it’s a significant piece of furniture within the hotel bedroom that can influence your customers’ perception of your hotel in general.

Therefore, your hotel furniture manufacturer in Turkey should always take into account and choose the finest budget for your headboard design and the influence it has on your guests as they go into the room. Even with a little budget, there are several simple ways to reduce expenses without having your headboards look unattractive or cheap.


  1. Choosing the Proper Fabric

One of the most crucial choices to be made during this procedure is the fabric for the headboards design. There are three aspects of these.

  • Abrasion is one of the first considerations you should make when choosing fabric for your headboards design. It should go without saying but is nevertheless a crucial need that your chosen fabric has strong resistance properties.
  • Choose a fabric that can be washed efficiently to increase the longevity of your headboard.
  • In terms of textile upholstery, some bedrooms may benefit from choosing a design or a more textured finish over a flat color.
  1. Functionality of the headboard design.

The practical criteria of the headboard should be one of the first factors any hotelier should take into account when choosing a headboard design.
  • To fit a “zip and link” bed in either arrangement, what size headboard is required?
  • Lighting fixtures.
Will you be putting any of your bedroom lighting inside the headboard panels for more custom headboards that aren’t upholstered? To guarantee that they function with both bed configurations, where should switches and lights be placed when using zip and link beds?
  • Free or fixed.
Are the bedside tables going to be attached to the headboard or stand-alone? What are the consequences of zipping and linking beds once more?

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