Additional Living Space with Pergola

Additional Living Space with Pergola

A bioclimatic pergola is without a doubt the best option to make a special and useful area if you’re seeking additional room and a solution to expand the convenience of your residence or your restaurant or hotel outside.

The pergola offers actual additional living space that melds seamlessly into your surroundings because it was created and customized just for you. With Turkish Pergola, you must expand your outside area, make it more comfortable and enjoyable, and transform it into something unique.


Recreated living as an art.

The bioclimatic pergola establishes the groundwork for a new way of living whether it is joined to your house, placed in your garden, next to your pool, or built to accommodate your external whirlpool and steam room. Its widespread use throughout the year, regardless of the environment or climate, accounts for its appeal.

What could be more satisfying than recreating adventures with loved ones in your room while still making use of the great outdoors, no matter what time of year it is? With a unique design from Pergola in Turkey, you not only get additional living space but can also fully make use of your surroundings. Enjoy the luxuries of an indoor space while taking in the outdoors.


A distinctive outdoor area that provides your customers with unmatched comfort.

A bioclimatic pergola creates an unforgettable chance for proprietors of eateries, lodging facilities, and even guest houses to provide clients with unrivaled comfort by adding more room. Due to its custom design, it can be flawlessly altered to improve any setting, including urban areas, rural areas, and mountains.

The bioclimatic pergola provides a casual, comfortable environment where your guests can make use of a wide range of advantages. By including an additional room on the exterior of your business, you can control the amount of light according to the period of the day and then enjoy the sunlight throughout the year.


A place that is personalized for you

Take advantage of the luxury of additional living space that is tailored to your needs. A pergola is the best option to establish a new space that is ideal for spending time with loved ones.

Your outdoor living space can be created as a nice and comfortable, affectionate space next to your hot tub or in your garden, depending on your wants and priorities. It can also be crafted as the ideal heat trap, a center of stress relief to improving your well-being.

You have a wide variety of options for colors, pergola decorations, lighting, furniture, etc., so you can create a genuine one-of-a-kind, nearly enchanting addition to your home that is suited just to your tastes.

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