Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Industry in Turkey

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Turkey received over 40 million and 50 million tourists in 2018 and 2019 respectively.  The only countries that surpassed it include France, Space, the USA, China, and Italy. To cater to the needs of this teeming population of visitors, Turkey has several hotel furniture manufacturers. Some specialize in lounge, restaurant, kitchen, or bedroom furniture. Besides, several brands have more than one hotel furniture factory in Turkey. Antalya represents the fastest-growing hub for visitors. In this article, you will discover the reasons why the hotel furniture manufacturing industry is developed in Turkey.

In 2020, Turkey ranked the sixth most visited country in the world, ahead of Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Its exquisite beauty and competitive pricing strategy make it a choice destination for millions of visitors. The Kabak beach provides guests a rare opportunity to see brilliant turquoise water surrounded by lush, pine vegetation. Other breathtaking spots include the Konyaalti, Iztuzu, and butterfly valley beaches.

Besides, Turkey is a spectacular meld of culture, history, and heritage. The rise in the number of star-rated hospitality outfits is another reason why the hotel furniture manufacturing industry is developed in Turkey. Moreover, hotels give an amazing customer service experience that visitors cannot quickly forget.

Antalya received almost 15 million unique visitors in 2019. Also, it has over 800 hotels, with over 750,000-bed spaces.


Indigenous and Independent Furniture Brands

Turkey has several small and medium-scale hotel furniture manufacturers. These workshops are innovative, research and development outfits that produce unique furniture designs. Most of these smaller hotel furniture manufacturers specialize in handmade products, which makes them more attractive to other hospitality outlets. Also, there is sufficient labor to cater to the rising demands due to the booking tourism industry. Turkish furniture industry employs over 150,000 people in about 40,000 companies. In 2009 alone, the industry generated over 6.4 billion Turkish Lira.


Sophisticated Hotel Furniture Factory in Turkey

Turkish furniture factories leverage advanced manufacturing processes to produce beautiful pieces of fittings and furnishings. For instance, CNC benches are commonplace among large-scale furniture brands. These technologies are similar to those of other top-tier countries across the world. Consequently, Turkey has a booming furniture-exports sector. Concerning quality, each hotel furniture factory in Turkey has the ISO 9001 certification. Also, they implement quality assurance procedures from the point of receiving inputs to packaging.

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