How to Maintain Hotel Furniture for 10+ Years

how to maintain hotel furniture 10 years
The hospitality industry comprises several intricate factors to ensure its proper function, and stakeholders need to have a good command of their responsibilities down to the minor details. Hotel maintenance and management come with several peculiarities, but there’s a lesser risk of disruption when the manager caters to the fundamentals. One of the “little basics” in hotel management is aesthetics, but where does hotel furniture fit in the picture? Hotel furniture constitutes a significant aspect of the hotel’s aesthetic value; visitors get to see, touch and sometimes feel furniture items as they get into a hotel. Therefore, maintaining an item of hotel furniture is a significant responsibility for managers. When done right, furniture maintenance allows for comfortable ambiance, as well as prolonging the furniture lifespan. The article highlights some long-term furniture maintenance tips which should last you over a decade.

Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning is an oft-underestimated part of hotel furniture maintenance, as there is the temptation to carry out only light cleaning actions. However, it is essential to remove dust and dirt from the items’ surfaces, especially as dust in the air tends to settle in a powdery form, creating a nasty film over a period. Furthermore, the essence of surface cleaning is more profound when you consider that a typical high-quality furniture material may be of different kinds of wood. It means that dirt collects on them quickly, but also, you can wipe them clean more efficiently. The primary cleaning agent would be a damp cloth, as they are better at taking out dry dust particles. Remember that certain items are not suitable for cleaning furniture surfaces; an example is paper, which does a poor job of removing dry dirt from hard surfaces.

Caring for the External Factors

While furniture cleaning is quintessential to maintaining them for long, it is only half of the entire process. Managers have to pair it with the external factors for an optimum result. You would have to cater to atmospheric conditions, lighting, humidity, and so on. Typically, caring for and protecting furniture items from harmful environmental effects would ensure that they last long. For instance, direct sunlight can be harmful to veneers and luxury wood such as hotel furniture made in Turkey; it would also blow out their highlights for a while to look pleasing. Luxury hotels typically install big windows that let in just enough of the sunlight without its adverse effects. Also, wet and humid areas wear out high-grade wood furniture quickly. It is because of the high moisture absorption rate of most unvarnished wood. Generally, a Turkish hotel furniture manufacturer would recommend that you keep furniture items as far away from direct natural light and moisture as possible.

Wrapping Up

Hotel furniture management lasting for as long as ten years requires real responsibility, and the manager has to oversee it. The maintenance tips as mentioned above prove that you don’t have to spend elaborately to ensure that your hotel furniture items stay in one piece after a decade. Committing to regular cleaning and controlling external environmental factors would give the best results for your furniture, and at Hotel Furniture Concept, we have always got that covered.

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