Ten Tips for Hotel Lobby Design

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The design of hotel lobbies has been continuously undergoing a continuous evolution over the past years. It is only wise they adopt this emerging trend to meet and even exceed the expectations of the different kinds of guests. A proper arrangement of the hotel lobby is a suitable opportunity to create a distinctive feeling and personal experience for the guests. Adopting contemporary designs for your hotel lobby would improve the comfort of your guests and members of the hotel staff and the image of the hotel. This would, in turn, help increase the revenue of the hotel.
To improve the outlook of your hotel lobby, consider these tips;


The seating arrangement in the hotel lobby must be comfortable without any obstruction to movement or one’s view. The seating arrangement should be aesthetically designed to create a relaxing feeling for the users who may be exhausted from their journey. Turkish furniture manufacturers design attractive furniture for hotel lobbies and reception, such as the tub and lounge chairs. With this, users can settle down before lodging in their rooms.


The lobby should contain the right number of pieces of furniture and, at the same time, provide space for the guests to organize their belongings. The entrance should provide space for everyday work and get things done, such as taking a coffee. Adequate spacing improves the flexibility of the area. Hence users can consider the use of bar stools or seating arrangements that should be paired to complement suit the guest’s comfort.


The furniture should be designed with high-quality materials suited for heavy use. Turkish hotel furniture manufacturers use high-quality materials suitable for the human skin with no less than 40,000 rubs. The materials are subject to the abrasion rub test.

Table Bases

Table Bases are also important to improve the convenience of the user. Pedestal table bases improve leg movements and are easy to move around. They are long-lasting furniture and help to plan the lobby layout better.


The furniture should be paired for convenience. Higher tables should be paired with higher seats and vice versa, and lounge chairs should be paired with coffee tables. The aesthetics of the decoration should create a relaxed space for different kinds of gatherings.


The furniture should be arranged to create a tidy look. A clutter-free helps the room look quiet and allows easy movement of the guest.


The choice and use of furniture determine the hotel lobby’s flexibility. Armchairs make the entrance suitable for meetings and flexible, while accent chairs are heavy and not suited for flexible regions. This furniture also helps determine how free or obstructed the loose areas of the lobby would be.

Avoid Obstruction

Users should create clear seats in the lobby away from the checking-in zone. This would help to prevent obstruction.


Choose furniture that is ideal for durable and heavy use. Buyers can also opt for ski legs, and nylon glides to prevent damage to the flooring and furniture legs.


Select furniture that is easy to maintain and not easily prone to damage

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