What is Crib 5?

what is crib 5
For purposes of the UK Fire Regulations, furniture or materials that have passed such tests are referred to as “Crib 5” or “Ignition Source 5”.  A Crib 5 Certificate is the formal statement that confirms furniture or supplies have passed the thorough Crib 5 test. Every successful item is given the code: BS 5852:2006. If you are unsure, it is always better to request proof from your hotel furniture supplier before purchasing because the repercussions of putting dangerous furniture in your hotel could be disastrous for both you and your guests. Hotel furniture must pass three tests intended specifically to stop the spread of fire in daily life before it can be deemed to be “Crib 5 compliant” and meet UK Fire Regulations.

The three tests are:

  1. The smoldering cigarette test.
This is the first test. In the UK, cigarette-related fires are a major concern. The London Fire Brigade warns against smoking in armchairs and couches and urges individuals to never smoke in bed as smoking is the leading cause of fire fatalities. To succeed in this test, a lit cigarette must be placed along the length of a test rig made out of furniture components and allowed to burn completely. If neither the rig nor any visible smoldering occurs, the material passes, and the second test can proceed.

  1. The match test.
This is the second test in the Crib 5 certification. In this list, the match is held next to a testing apparatus crevice for 20 seconds before being removed. The test is recorded as “No Ignition” and the substance is considered to have passed if neither flames nor increasing smoldering appears. Material can be put via Crib 5 procedures after passing tests one and two. Materials are not moved on if they fail these tests.

  1. CRIB 5.
This test is carried out by constructing a small crib-like structure out of wooden planks that have been fastened together. It relates to upholstery and hotel furniture Turkey coverings. The fabric and the Crib are examined to determine whether there is flame or smoldering on the outside cover and the inner material to determine if the test has been passed. The substance will pass the test as long as it does not burn or smolder and the flames go out within 10 minutes.

The Crib 5 testing is conducted to:

  • determine the potential danger of ignition.
  • make sure a material or piece of hotel furniture won’t burn readily.
  • to prevent death.

Who is directly affected by it?

The usage of “contract” mattresses and beds is required for all of the following hospitality enterprises, as they are all recognized as needing Crib 5 / Ignition Source 5 treated products:

  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts and guesthouses
  • Vacation Parks Vacation Rentals
  • Teen Hostels
  • schools sector of health care

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