3 and 4 Star Budget-Friendly Hotel Guest Room Designs

budget friendly hotel guest room design

If you are looking to invest in the hospitality industry, having a hotel can be a very profitable venture. Many potential investors in the hotel business have been discouraged by the idea that it costs so much to build and keep a hotel running. While investing in a hotel can be quite capital intensive, there are budget-friendly hotel designs that you can choose from. Before we list some budget-friendly hotel guest room designs, it is important to first understand what is expected of a 3 or 4-star hotel.

A 3-star hotel:

Has a quite beautiful design;

Offers average services including room service, a pool, gym, conference rooms, on-site restaurant;

High-quality furnishings with flat-screen TVs

Usually located across major expressways to make them easily accessible to business travelers.

A 4-star hotel:

Has a more elaborate design with premium touches;

Offers some premium services in addition to basic services which include room service, multiple pools and gyms, concierge services, limousine services, spas, and exquisite dining services;

Uses premium class furnishings with luxuries such as king-size beddings and premium bath facilities.

Budget-Friendly Hotel Guest Room Designs

More space means more cost on designs. Your best bet to make your hotel guest rooms more cost-effective is to utilize space to the maximum. To maximize space, consider how to fit the following facilities beautifully in the space you have in mind.

     1. Bed space

The bed space is perhaps the most important area in the guest house. If the bed space is large enough to accommodate a couple, that’s good enough.

     2. Workstation

The workstation is where you can show your attention to customers’ needs despite trying to cut costs. The design of workstation hotel furniture made in Turkey is important. The furniture shouldn’t be too compact but allow a little more space so guests can move freely to get items from other parts of the room. The workstation can be attached to the wall adjacent to the bedspace. A window and a good light source will also give the space a lift.

     3. Bathroom

Think about the wardrobe in the bathroom which has compartments for towels, hairsprays, and other cosmetics. You can choose to have the mirror on the wardrobe or the walls. Add two wash hand basins away from the bathtub. Decide the amount of space to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Position the showers such that they fit nicely with the bath tub.

     4. Entertainment

Maximize the wall space within the bedroom to install the flat-screen TV. Position the TV where guests can be comfortable watching from the bed or the chair. The workstation should not be facing the TV to avoid distractions.

     5. Free space

Between each facility, provide enough space to allow easy movement within the room. Having enough space in a budget-friendly guest room improves comfort for your clients. The key to having more free space in the guest room is to maximize space with economical hotel furniture.


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  1. We are going to finished coming six months hotel construction at Kismayo,Somalia. So before that we have to know what kiind of furniture that we need to our hotel. Such 3 or 4star budget friendly hotel furniture. So could send us 3 option for hotel furniture complete each room for bed and other neseccery furnitures by e mail.

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