Commercial VS Residential Furniture Made in Turkey

commercial residental furniture made in turkey
Turkish furniture is reputed for having some of the highest quality in the world. It is primarily hand-carved and made from the finest natural wood. Turkish furniture, whether made for residential or commercial purposes, is the perfect depiction of oriental mastery. It is unsurprising, therefore, that Turkish furniture is the most sought after worldwide. In this article, we would be taking a look at two spectrums of the finest furniture made in turkey. On the one hand, have commercial furniture specifically crafted to suit the business spaces and suites. And on the other, we examine the residential furniture versions crafted to add aesthetics to the home space.  Commercial Furniture Commercial furnitures produced in Turkey is also known as contract-grade. It is made to fit public standards. Due to their usage, commercial furniture is found in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other public places requiring people to sit. In this regard, commercial furniture is known to be sturdy and safe for patronage. Commercial Furniture, like hotel furniture made in turkey, is designed to meet the high standards of the Turkish industry. First, Turkish commercial furniture is reputed for being able to stand the test of time. Also, they contain excellent materials that cement their reputation as one of the finest in the world. Finally, the materials are deliberately built to maintain a sturdy frame for rough usage that comes with commercial use. 

Residential Furniture

When it comes to residential furniture, Turkish designers take various factors into account. First, they pay attention to aesthetics. Here, they ensure that residential furniture is more stylish and flashier than their commercial counterparts. Also, designers take prices into account, therefore ensuring that the prices are often lower. Residential furniture manufactured in Turkey is not as sturdy as the commercial variants because comfort is usually considered against the practical demands of commercial furniture. Residential furniture is not made to meet commercial standards or coding. 

Commercial Vs. Residential Furniture

  1. Regulations: Industrial Regulations differentiate commercial and Residential furniture. For Turkish furniture makers, designing Residential furniture is often based on relaxed conditions. At the same time, Commercial Furniture is designed to meet up industry standards and regulations. For example, fire regulations require that the materials used for furniture are resistant to fire. Also, commercial furniture is designed to suit various people regardless of height, weight, and other differences. 
  2. Fabrics and Materials: Another area where commercial and residential furniture differ is in the fabrics they use. For commercial furniture, materials used are always deliberately made to be resistant to fire. Also, Commercial furniture requires materials that can be easily cleaned from time to time. 
  3. Durability: Commercial and Residential Furniture made in Turkey uses varying standards for durability. Commercial furniture is known to be used regularly and, as such, contains more durable materials for construction. In this regard, commercial furniture designers often opt for more challenging wood and polyurethane coating to ensure that wood is protected from Wear and tear of continuous usage. Turkish designers prefer maple wood, oak, or beech wood for commercial furniture, known for their sturdy properties. At the same time, residential wood chooses softer materials like rubberwood and pine. 
  4. Strength: The difference between Commercial and Residential furniture is the strength demands. Turkish makers prefer a more vital weight capacity of 350 pounds for commercial furniture while opting for a lesser 250 pounds for Residential furniture.

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