Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose The Best Lobby Furniture

Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose The Best Lobby Furniture

The first impression lasts longer than you can imagine. Immediately a guest makes up his mind concerning your hospitality brand, it will be difficult to convince him or her otherwise. Therefore, you should put your best foot forward in terms of design and reception. The lobby is the first place the guest enters before proceeding to the bedroom. Hence, we have created this article on choosing the best lobby furniture.


Prioritize Client Comfort

Different people visit the hotel daily. They could be tired after a long day at work, a bumpy journey, or other forms of physical stress. Your lobby should be welcoming enough to calm their nerves before settling in. Some might need space to sort themselves out before asking for a room key. As a temporary stopover, classic tub or lounge chairs will be perfect.

Durable Materials of Construction

Few places are as busy as the lobby within a hospitality establishment. Due to the massive traffic from people coming into the building or leaving, consider using durable materials for your lobby furnishings. A guiding principle is to use dark-colored designs that can withstand and hide stains and spills. Moreover, they should be easy to clean within minutes. Also, ensure they can last several years of constant use.

Design Space for Casual Activities

Within your lobby should be an area for casual work. Guests can pause for a quick coffee, go over a newspaper, or check through their emails. To this end, you can use bar stools that are lightweight and easy to move around quickly. Besides, sofas might not be appropriate because they are too low and will cause pain for those intending to use their laptops. Upholstered wooden chairs can prove to be effective.

Good Chair-Table Combination

“Is this chair appropriate for this table” is a question that you should answer before paying for it. Convenience is a key value that guests are looking for. Coffee tables are well-suited for lounge seatings since they encourage intermittent stopovers. If you accommodate several business clients, consider getting higher seats and tables. These pieces of lobby furnishings will allow them to use their laptops and work with ease. Also, position them close to power sources.

Use Complimentary Styles

While it is good to make your lobby furnishings stand out, you should consider how they fit into your overall design. Use the right tones and color combinations. Moreover, you can utilize faux leather seats because they are easy to clean. Also, patterned fabrics are excellent in hiding stains and disguising dirt. The aim is to ensure that your guests receive maximum satisfaction that they cannot stop talking about.

Tables With Pedestal Bases

Tables with pedestal bases make it easy to tuck your chairs in when you are done. They help to maximize available space without obstructing others. Also, you can quickly move them around without causing damage to the base or the floor. Besides, use edge banding to keep your furniture from wear and tear.

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