Five Most important Materials in Hotel Furniture Industry

five most important materials in hotel furniture
In the hotel Furniture manufacturing industry, several materials help the designers throughout the process and provide enough aesthetics to meet the receiving hotel managers’ needs.
However, some materials are crucial to achieving luxurious manufacture, which would most likely last for a long time. The article itemizes five of the essential materials even a hotel furniture factory in Turkey would need.

Engineered Wood and Veneer Panels

Hotel furniture manufacturers use engineered wood for production, primarily as an alternative to hardwood. They are comparatively cheaper and have a marginally better performance. Engineered wood is a composite material of poly wood, clipboard, and MDF; the latter is a favorite with luxury hotel furniture makers especially Hotel Furniture Concept.
Generally, engineered wood and veneers are highly customizable, which is an immense advantage to a modern hotel. You can specify the dimensions, life span, and toughness of a product that suits your functions and design requirements. Hotels mainly prefer MDF-engineered wood for flexibility.


Hardwood is a staple for furniture making for many centuries. it is because hardwood furniture delivers the feeling of comfort and convenience in living areas much more effortless. Also, you’d expect that hardwood maintains some of the highest durability, as its functional parts retain the hardwood features. Generally, artisans and large factories consider hardwood for its favorable characters. Hardwood is the main driving force behind the rise of the hotel furniture industry.

Upholstery Works

Some parts of chairs, sofa, and some other hotel furniture would have upholstery works as covering. Essentially, upholstery works work excellently with furniture items that would interact with the human body directly. It is to provide more comfort and aesthetics, as the hotel would need.
Parts from the best upholstery factory Turkey has would typically have materials such as leather, foam cushion, or fabric. You can expect them to be soft and comfortable, keeping a style that perfectly suits the hotel’s overall aesthetics.


Metal is an industrial component for a broad range of uses, which hotel manufacturers incorporate into their designs. One of the metals’ highlight features is the hardness and durability, which is much higher than that of wood.
You can find various metals in a metal workshop in Turkey, such as steel, aluminum, and brass, from which the furniture maker can choose.


Furniture makers use marble as a sort of an accessory. It is an exotic stone that adds a surprising amount of elegance to furniture items. Be it a console table or a cabinet, the aesthetic value of marble on hotel furniture is high, with its unique texture.
Furthermore, marble is an excellent choice if the goal is to have good lighting in the room, as it reflects light more readily, rivaling some of the works from the best painting workshop Turkey has to offer. İt also creates a comfortable ambiance for visitors.

Final Thoughts

Materials in the hotel furniture-making industry are essential for making designs and functions work for the visitors and end-users. The goal is to provide enough comfort and aesthetics to go with the hotel’s prevalent style. As mentioned above, the materials are essential components that a typical furniture maker would use.

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