23 Different Guest Room Types Manufactured in Turkey

different guest room types manufactured in turkey
Turkish hotel rooms come in different variations with exotic themes and Turkish hotel room furnishing that appeals to traveling guests globally. These room types with various characteristics are suitable for one, two, or more persons. They are also available in different hotel guest room types manufactured in Turkey and have special attractions for guests. For instance, guests may require rooms like a non-smoking room, a twin bedroom, a king-bedded room, or a room away from the elevator. Generally, Turkish rooms are designed with hotel room furniture to introduce elegance and improve convenience in the room designs. Also, these rooms are available in different styles and hotel bedroom furniture made in Turkey.

Types of Guest rooms Manufactured in Turkey

We shall evaluate 24 different room types with guest room furniture made in Turkey

Smoking/ Non-smoking Room

This room has a size between 30m² and 250m². As the name implies, these rooms are available to smokers or non-smoking hotel guests, hence the guest room design and furniture are positioned to suit guests. Non-smoking hotel rooms help to prevents the exposure of non-smoking guest to smoke

Adjoining Rooms

This is a 30m² to 45m² room that has no connecting doors but has a common wall between them.

Connecting Rooms

These are rooms with an area of 30m² to 50m². These rooms provide access between rooms with a private connecting door. The rooms can be used by hotel rooms guests who need access to themselves. This connecting door helps the guests access other rooms without using the corridor.

Presidential Suite

The presidential suits have a room size between 80m² to 350m². They are high-quality rooms with exotic hotel room furniture made in Turkey. They are the most expensive rooms in a hotel and has up to one or more bedroom. Presidential suites in Turkey have grand in-room Turkish hotel furnishing and decorated with hotel bedroom furniture made in Turkey.

Murphy Room

This is a hotel guest room with either a Murphy bed or a sofa bed. This kind of guest room types manufactured in Turkey allows the transformation of the room to a living room during the day and to a bedroom at night.

Executive Suite

This room has one or more bedrooms connected to the parlor.


This is a room with a sitting area and a bedroom which is separated from each other

Rooms For Extended Stay

These are rooms for long stay guests in hotels. The rooms have cooking equipment, open kitchens, washers, and dryers and are regularly maintained by housekeeping services.

Disabled Room

These are rooms designed with Turkish room furniture for disabled guests to improve their convenience


These rooms are designed with swimming pools attached to them

Adjacent Room

These are rooms that are across the hall or close to each other

Floored Room

These are rooms that grant access to the executive lounge. They could be structured for security or safety reasons


This is a guest room furniture produced in Turkey and is made of a bed that can be converted to a couch. It is called a studio bed


This is a stand-alone room suitable for large groups, families, and couples. The room has a swimming pool, living room, bedroom, balcony, and a Jacuzzi. They are intended for hotel guest who needs a lot of privacy and space

Single Room

This is a room with one or more beds assigned to one person


This is a room with one or more beds assigned to two persons


This is a room with a guest room furniture produced in Turkey meant for three persons


This room is designed for four persons with either two, three, or four beds


This room size can be occupied by one or more persons. The room has a queen-sized bed


This room contains a king-sized bed and is intended for more than one person


This room contains up to two twin beds and is suitable for more than one person

Hollywood Twin

This room contains two beds that share a common dashboard. It is suitable for two persons.

Double Double

This room can contain about two to four persons. The need could either be a queen-sized bed or two twin beds.


These hotel rooms made in Turkey are designed to suits the varying preferences of guests to suit their taste. The rooms can suit varying numbers of persons and are decorated with Turkish hotel room furnishing

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