Wall or Kitchen cabinet color – which comes first?

Wall or Kitchen cabinet color - which comes first
You don’t have to paint your walls the same shade as your kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to have Kitchen cabinets that are entirely white if your walls are painted white, for instance. The paint colors can, however, match if that’s what you want. The other options include having kitchen walls and cabinetry that oppose, enhance, or go well together. If the overall aesthetics are pleasing to the eye, you won’t be disappointed. In this article, we let you know which one comes first and how to choose colors for your Kitchen designs in Turkey.

Do I color my wall or Kitchen cabinet first?

Your kitchen cabinets come first. Before painting the walls, it is recommended to paint the kitchen cabinets. We advise painting the cabinets before deciding on the color of the walls. This is why: Because every kitchen has a distinct layout and lighting, the results of altering the color of the cabinets can be unexpected. It’s advisable to postpone purchasing the paint for the kitchen walls until you can see how the cabinets will ultimately look. After painting the cabinets, you may need to acquire some paint samples to use on the walls to check how the colors appear together. However, we advise going with your gut. Consider using a specific color for the kitchen design if you have one in mind. If you’re hopeful about it, align your kitchen cabinets to the wall and vice versa.
How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors.

There is no prohibition against matching your kitchen cabinets to your walls. Matching is permitted and can be carried out with lighter or darker paint colors to give your kitchen a homogeneous, contemporary, or simplistic appearance.

  1. Use light colors.
If you’re going to paint your kitchen walls the same color as your kitchen cabinets in Turkey, choose something light and airy, specifically if your kitchen is small. A space can appear smaller and more confined with dark walls and cabinetry.

  1. Use dark colors.
Even in the kitchen, dark colors can be appealing. Darker hues in any kitchen appear great and can create a stylish atmosphere. Some interior design concepts have cabinets and walls that are all black. If you do decide to choose darker colors, add some contrast with your fixtures and floor color. If you don’t separate the paint colors, you can end up in a space that looks like a  “black hole”.

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