Kitchen Cabinet Measurements Before Designing

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Taking your own kitchen cabinet measurements is advantageous whether you’re designing your personal kitchen cabinets or hiring a kitchen cabinet designer to handle the project. You or your kitchen cabinet designer can begin calculating figures right away if you have them available when you walk into the cabinet store.

In this article, we would explain how you can measure your kitchen cabinets with ease.

How can I measure my kitchen cabinets before designing?

  1. Draw a rough sketch.

The first step in measuring your kitchen cabinet is to draw a rough sketch of the current kitchen, or a new one if the kitchen will undergo any changes. Drawing the layout can be made simpler by using grid paper. Labels should be placed on all windows, doors, and appliances. Additionally, markings for vents, plumbing, and electrical appliances are required. Although the Sketch drawing should not really be excellent, it must be understandable and straightforward.

  1. Wall measurement: horizontal and vertical.

Next, begin measuring your walls horizontally while moving clockwise around the space. Up until a corner, measure the entire wall. Following the recording of all wall lengths, measure the walls from the edge to any impediment at a height of 36 inches. If the tap measure runs into a door, an oven, or a wall crack, halt. Be careful to measure each break’s breadth as well. Follow that with the vertical measurements. To account for fluctuations and an irregular floor, measure the whole length of the wall from ground to roof in at least three different locations on the wall.
  1. Your doors and windows should be measured.

For windows and doors, follow the same procedure and make a note of their height and width. The kitchen cabinets nearest to the window will be correctly positioned if the sink is positioned such that it is aligned to the window. Although the width of doors can be either 36 inches broad or 28 inches narrow, the common dimension is 80″x30″. Based on the vintage of the house, windows are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, a kitchen cabinet designer needs to take two measurements of the kitchen window. The trim and frames on doors and windows should not be included in the measurements.

  1. Measure the sizes of other cabinets in your home.

You can use the measurements of your existing cabinets as a great guide when determining the ideal length for your new kitchen cabinets. However, if you are remodeling your kitchen’s design as opposed to only upgrading your cabinets, this phase won’t be as important.

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