Contactless Check-in / Opening a Hotel Door Without Contact

opening hotel door without contact
Hotel guests love the convenience of checking into a hotel with a high level of health and hygiene and without having to wait in a queue, just as the contactless check-in process. Based on research, the contactless check-in process improves the comfortability of the guests and goes a long way to improve guest satisfaction scores. Hotel room door manufactured in Turkey helps to create a frictionless guest experience provides long-term benefits to both the guests and the hotel.

Concept of Contactless Check-in

Contactless check-in for hotels is the process by which technology replaces human contact with guests while checking in to a hotel. This technological process is anticipated at strategic points and planned accordingly. This process is against the normal check-in process where doormen or valet welcome guests upon their arrival. In contactless check-in, technology is used to replace these contact points such as they wait in the hotel lobby. Keyless hotel door made in Turkey grants immediate access to rooms by guests once they arrive with the use of their mobile key. This hotel room door manufactured in Turkey helps guests eliminate the issues of lost keys.

Benefits of Contactless Check-in

  • Hotel attendants can save time, focus on other activities, and run more efficiently
  • Hotel contactless technology like the hotel door produced in Turkey influences a high rate of travelers’ choice of hotel.
  • Every 5-minute wait at the check-in results in a drip in the satisfaction level of the guests. On the other hand, a 7% increase is achieved during a keyless entry
  • About 46% of guests emphasize the relevance of a mobile key in every hotel
  • It serves as a medium to get customer insights about what they want before their arrival
  • Hotel attendants can send information to guests about what they would be expected of them upon their arrival

Tips in Making Hotel Check-in Contactless

Making the check-in process of your hotel contactless is one relevant step in boosting the satisfaction of your guests and increasing patronage by more customers. There are a few procedures to take in giving a good impression to your guest once they arrive at your hotel. Hoteliers can adopt an excellent Turkish hotel door manufacturer to adopt a keyless entry into the hotel premises/rooms Other ways to adopt a contactless entry process are;
  • Educate guest on the security measures employed and send details of the check-in process on time to the guests
  • Provide clear signages to give guests insights into what they should do upon arrival. Hotel signage made in Turkey should be placed at strategic locations to give proper information and educate them on the use of keyless entry on hotel doors produced in Turkey.
  • Indicate if there would be a valet or any other related services


Contactless check-in to hotels is an excellent way to improve the satisfaction of guests. With a hotel door made in Turkey, guests can enjoy a keyless entry into their rooms and check-in without having to go through the process of waiting in the queue. This modification in the use of Turkish hotel door manufacturer guarantees a seamless experience for guests while checking in

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