Hotel Room RFID and Electrical Door Locks Made in Turkey

hotel room rfid and electrical door locks made in turkey
Hotel door electrical door locks made in Turkey are unique ways to ensure the security system in the hospitality industry, especially in hotels. These electronic door locks, meet evolving guests’ expectations and go a long way to improve the experience of guests in your hotel. Choosing the right door lock system is essential as guests frequently interact with them in the course of using facilities in the hotel such as business centers and gyms. These hotel door electrical locks made in Turkey are extremely secure and durable measures to ensure guest security and ensure convenience.

Types of electrical door locks made in Turkey

  1. Separate component locks
These locks come in two pieces; a lock handle and a reader. Although the installation of these locks is complicated, these locks appease more minimalistic, possess a more attractive design, and give more flexibility for changes.
  1. Full body locks
These are hotel room RFID door locks manufactured in Turkey that are easy-to-install with a wide variety of finishes and internally housed batteries. Although these locks are chunky on the actual door, they require little to no modification. These locks are structured locks with the locking mechanism, reader, and handle in one place.  

Types of Door lock Technology

  • Magstripe

This hotel door produced in Turkey has a magstripe with a key card just like a credit card. This locking technology provides access to a room only during a specific time and does not permit entrance to all hotel rooms. The downside to these locks is that electronic devices can deactivate their functionality and the locks are glitchy.  
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)

These hotel room RFID door locks manufactured in Turkey have RFID chips that grants guest more access to permissions and data. This hotel door made in Turkey is a less-error-prone unlocking system that requires only the wave of the card in front of the reader. However, they are an upgrade from the magstripe lock, are more expensive, and are not easily deactivated.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

This locking system allows guest to use their smartphones to unlock doors. This hotel door lock produced in Turkey is a contactless door that pairs with a downloaded app on the mobile phone of the guest. The lock is extremely secure as it sends an encrypted message to guests to gain entry.
  • Pin code

These hotel door locks produced in Turkey require access with a numerical code. In present times, these codes can be easily changed often and remotely unlike in the previous times when the codes were static and can only be changed manually. The guests only need to input their code in the keypad to gain access to rooms and save the stress of carrying a key around. This hotel room door lock made by Turkish hotel door manufacturer accepts the customization of codes for different reservations and also integrates with the hotel management system.


Turkish hotel door manufacturer make unique locks for optimal safety and convenience of guests. These hotel doors made in Turkey have varying types that suit the hotel’s preference and convenience of the hotel guest. These lock types are either accessed with key cards, numerical codes, smartphones, or chips.

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