5 Things to Be Careful While Choosing the Best Wedding Banquet Chairs Made in Turkey.

choosing the best wedding banquet chairs made in turkey
It is almost impossible to imagine a wedding banquet without banquet chairs. These chairs form the top priority when planning a wedding ceremony. They are available in different qualities depending on several factors, including the country where they are produced. Turkey, for example, offers a wide variety of banqueting chair options. They are available in multiple designs. Shapes and colors give your wedding banquet a unique ecstatic feel and also ensure the comfort of your guests. However, there are various things you should consider while making your choice of banquet chairs. Therefore, in this article, we would be looking at the five things to be careful of while choosing the best wedding banquet chairs made in Turkey. These factors are as follows:

Material Thickness

This is an important factor to look out for while making your choice of Turkey-made banquet chairs. It is often an indication of the strength and durability of the banquet chairs. The recommended thickness for a banquet wedding chair is 2 mm for chairs built with aluminum and 1.2 mm for iron banquet chairs.

Non-Flammable Fabric

Most wedding banquet chairs are designed with a soft fabric to ensure the optimal comfort of their users. However, these fabrics are often flammable, and as such, you should consider choosing a fabric that is non-flammable to avoid getting burnt by little cake fire sparks and other wedding fireworks.

Seating Material Height

People of almost all age brackets join the wedding ceremonies. This means that you have you choose a banquet seat with a height that would suit people of all sizes and shapes. This is a crucial factor to consider as it also affects the comfort of your wedding guests. Therefore, you should choose a banquet chair with a height of 7 cm and a density of up to 50 to 55 DNS polyurethane.

Fully Welded Aluminum Profiles

You should consider the material used in making the banquet chairs before making your choices. The best Turkish wedding banquet chairs have fully welded aluminum profiles that are rust-free and durable, which is a major advantage over those built with steel. Aluminum banquet chairs require larger tubing for the frames to make them appear more sizeable. Also, the Aluminum is comparatively light weighted and easy-to-handle.

Ease of Logistics

In most cases, wedding ceremonies are held in adventurous locations of choice. So, these wedding banquet chairs are required to be moved to and from the wedding venues. Therefore, you should consider the ease of logistics while making your choice of Turkish banquet chairs. The chairs should be easily stacked — a minimum of 12 pieces — to save space and also ensure ease of movement and storage.


Wedding banquet chairs are essential parts of a successful wedding ceremony. Specifically, wedding banquet chairs made in Turkey are available in various designs, shapes, qualities, and colors. You should always consider vital factors: Material thickness, fabric material, height, ease of logistics, and more — when choosing the best wedding banquet chairs made in Turkey.

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