How to choose correct fire rated wooden doors made in Turkey?

how to choose correct fire rated wooden doors made in turkey

 With advancements in the construction sector, we now choose correct fire rated wooden doors that can help minimize damages during a fire outbreak. Contractors segment buildings to inhibit the movement of flame and smoke from one room to the other. Thus, fire rated wooden doors form a reliable barrier to a ravaging inferno. It ensures that the fire does not spread to other parts of the building until the fire department arrives. Moreover, it allows you to escape quickly before the fire reaches your location. So it is important that how to choose fire rated wooden doors.

Some of the popular types of fire rated doors (FD) include 30 minutes(FD30), 60 minutes (FD60), and 90 minutes (FD90).

30 minutes fire rated doors

As the name depicts, these types of wooden doors can withstand a fire outbreak for thirty minutes. If firefighting personnel does not come before then, it will give way. The doors must meet the stringent conditions outlined by the British Standard Institution (BSI). The tested core has a dimension of 44 mm and has either a BS 476 Pt22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014 rating. Also, it contains intumescent materials that will expand when heated. Consequently, the density reduces, making it less susceptible to explosion. That way, it can absorb more heat for the next thirty minutes. You can purchase a pre-hung model that you can install immediately. Also, make sure that access doors, backdoors, and other critical ones are resistant to fire.

60 minutes fire rated doors

These doors can hold off flames for one hour until they cave in. For those inside the building, manufacturers use a robust core of  compressed wooden fiber. Often, they have a 55-mm thickness and contain a medium-density fiber (MDF) mixture. These MDF layers add extra ounces of reliability and toughness. On the other hand, the exterior equivalents have laminated veneer lumber (LVL) at their core. Besides, marine ply facings surround the core, which brings the overall thickness to 54 mm.

Moreover, interior FD60 doors have sophisticated glazing. If you want, you may also prime and paint to suit your preferences. Further, you may add stainless steel materials to preserve the integrity of exterior FD60 doors over time. There are pre-hung styles that you can easily install.

90 minutes fire rated doors

These doors can keep flame and smoke locked in for an hour and a half. Asides from their exquisite design, they are rugged and flexible. To maintain their integrity, they are water and fire-resistant.  Besides, they can withstand expansion due to heat. It often uses 5-ply layers, which follow standard construction codes. The core contains gypsum minerals, with zero impurities. To keep the particles together, manufacturers employ Type 1 adhesives. The stile and rail have a perfect assembly that cannot be pulled apart by wear,  tear, or heat.

If you want to choose correct fire rated wooden doors, you should consider these important details.

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