How should you store stackable rectangular banquet tables made in Turkey?

store stackable rectangular banquet tables made in turkey


Keeping furniture away in the store is one of several ways to prevent the furniture from getting exposed to the elements, and ensuring durability. Sometimes, rectangular banquet tables made in Turkey may not appear easy to store because of their geometry. However, with some little tweaks, we can find ways to reduce the space each piece of furniture takes so more of them can be stacked within the limited space available.

  1. Store in the vertical position (sides down)

If you have less horizontal storage space, stacking rectangular banquet tables in the vertical position is a viable alternative. You should get some standard duty table carts for rectangular folding tables. These carts come in different dimensions so you need to be sure that they can accommodate the tables you need to store. Once you have the standard duty table carts, you can start stacking the folded banquet tables in them. 

It is advisable to allow the top of the tables to face one another. This can be achieved by pairing the tables with each tabletop facing the other. As the first pair is placed vertically in the table carts, the next pair come in with the back of the first pair facing that of the second pair. All other incoming pairs are alternated in the same manner until all the foldable tables have been arranged in the carts. You can then wheel each cart to the storage space and place them side-by-side.

rectangular banquet table made in turkey

  1. Store in the horizontal position (face down)

You will need standard duty table carts for rectangular folding tables that have wider and taller dimensions than those required for storing foldable tables on their sides. Like in the first case, it is better to stack wooden banquet tables manufactured in Turkey with the sides facing each other as this would prevent scratches on the table surface and allow enough storage space on the table carts.

Start by placing the first table face up in the cart, the next table goes in face down. Alternate the rest of the tables such that the tabletops are facing one another while the backs are also facing one another.

If you don’t have carts for storing your foldable tables, you may risk lots of damage that may come from having to carry these tables manually across a considerable distance. Scratches and nicks may also arise when attempting to place tables by the sides. On the other hand, using these trolleys is more beneficial. They can serve as a store for your tables and also help you with moving them more effectively as you deploy the tables where they are required. The trolleys used for storing rectangular tables are somewhat different from those used to store round banquet tables. Be sure to get the carts that are right for your type of banquet tables.

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